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Your personal Health Care needs Your attention!

Birthright Investment offers experiential workshops to start you on your health path and give you personal insights with tools to reclaim your health! Being responsive to your personal health care means investing in yourself! Birthright Investment owner Karen Angelucci guides and supports you in learning to make choices and take action in your investment in Your Triad of Health the PHYSICAL, EMOTIONAL and NUTRITIONAL.

Through experiential workshops and resources you will begin to have direction and take action for your personal health path. The choices you make daily with your Physical, Emotional and Nutritional needs are the Stepping Stones. Your self discovery and attentive choices in the Triad of Health will create the path to reclaim your Birthright to feel good, move better and live with more vitality. There is a self empowering healing that occurs when you embrace your own process of self discovery and make the paradigm shift to embody and embrace your life! How you do this can be challenging and confusing. Through experiential workshops you will have personal insights, guidance to develop personal skills for improved health and a better understanding of the practitioners and resources available to you to start on your path to reclaim your health!


meet karen


Karen is a best selling Author, Speaker, and a compassionate, intuitive, skilled Practitioner.

Her clients’ report that “Karen’s guidance opened their minds to new ways of thinking about their body. And taught them skills for being in their body.”

Karen has the ability to convey complex anatomy, emotional processes, and nutritional needs. This gives her clients’ a comprehensive understanding of how their body functions. She teaches them the importance of being an active participant in their self-care.


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Your Health Path Creation Workshops with Karen Angelucci

Since 1996 Karen has worked as an independent physical conditioning practitioner primarily emphasizing the Pilates Method of Exercise in combination with numerous modalities she has studied not only for the benefit of her clients but for her own health path. Her recent studies include being a student of Osteopathy which has opened her to even greater understanding of the amazing human body.

Problems Most of Us Experience


The Difficulty with the Problems is most people do not know who to go to or how to attend to dysfunctions and symptoms in their body. Problems speak to us in aches, pains, immobility, and numerous other physical symptoms!


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Attending one or all of these workshops You will receive:

  1. Personal experience in listening to your body
  2. Skills to attend to your body's needs
  3. A body chart to record your health concerns
  4. Resources to understand how to choose your health path practitioners as needed

Karen empowers people to take action in Creating, Improving, and Maintaining their Zest and Vitality in their body, life and relationships.


The Difficulty is we All have Different Questions and Needs and our Questions are Personal to our Specific Needs. 

Discovering your Personal Path is Key!

Each workshop is 2 hours long and it is recommended to wear comfortable clothes to allow for ease of movement.