Your personal Health Care needs Your attention!

Birthright Investment offers experiential workshops to start you on your health path and give you personal insights with tools to reclaim your health! Being responsive to your personal health care means investing in yourself! Birthright Investment owner Karen Angelucci guides and supports you in learning to make choices and take action in your investment in Your Triad of Health the PHYSICAL, EMOTIONAL and NUTRITIONAL.

Through experiential workshops and resources you will begin to have direction and take action for your personal health path. The choices you make daily with your Physical, Emotional and Nutritional needs are the Stepping Stones. Your self discovery and attentive choices in the Triad of Health will create the path to reclaim your Birthright to feel good, move better and live with more vitality. There is a self empowering healing that occurs when you embrace your own process of self discovery and make the paradigm shift to embody and embrace your life! How you do this can be challenging and confusing. Through experiential workshops you will have personal insights, guidance to develop personal skills for improved health and a better understanding of the practitioners and resources available to you to start on your path to reclaim your health!